Default applications I use


Inspired by Hemispheric Views 097 - Duel of the Defaults!—and others—I decided to showcase the default applications. Omitted the categories that I don’t use (yet).

📨 Mail client

It’s hard to switch to Proton because their Android app sucks. I use Gmail as of now, but I’m really hoping the guys at Proton pull their shit together

📮 Mail server

When it comes to mail deliverability, Gmail beats all its competitors. I use ImprovMX to mask my email address

📆 Calendar

Fantastical 2
I don’t really use a calendar because I can’t seem to get it to fit into my workflow seamlessly. I paid for lifetime upgrades of Fantastical 2, and so I keep “using” it as of now

📁 Cloud file storage

Google Drive
No solution is 100% reliable, so while I use Google Drive for cloud storage, I take frequent backups of important data manually and then back it up to an SFTP server using Borg and Rsync


It does one thing, and I think it does it well. No complaints so far

🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts

Android Contacts
I don’t use a personal CRM. If you matter enough to me, I have your details memorized. I can look everything else up. If I can’t, it’s like it doesn’t exist to me

🌐 Browser

I use Brave with default shields up for maximum protection (yes, JavaScript is also disabled). If I cannot load your website without JavaScript, and I really need to access it, I open up Firefox. Otherwise I close the website altogether

💬 Chat

Signal is not very reliable, and it is also not the most secure service either. But everything else implements privacy and security features so poorly, it keeps me from switching from Signal

🔖 Bookmarks

I self-host Linkding on Fly which currently satisfies my bookmark needs. I don’t use the Linkding extension, though

📜 Word processing

Google Docs
Overleaf (LaTeX)
Most days I use Google Docs, but some documents just call for using L/KaTeX, which is where Overleaf comes in handy

🎵 Music

This app is straight-up awful. Everything else that can be looped in with Spotify, is far worse. So I’m stuck with Spotify (for now)

🔐 Password management

I’m still on 1Password 7. 1Password 8 is a fucking mess, to put it lightly